The Men behind Dupin 1820

Pascal and Stéphane Luthy, currently in charge of the destiny of the brand, are at the service of unique creations.

Unique because based on the proximity and collusion with its clients, as only a family business can offer, day after day, project after project.

Pascal Luthy

As a young cabinet maker, Pascal Luthy decided to continue his studies in the United States within a common program offered by Boston University and Swain School of Design Massachusetts in order to pursue his interests in both cabinet making and art sculpture. As a result, he was awarded two Bachelors of Fine Arts: the first in Furniture Design and the second in Interior Design at the New York School of Interior Design. Pursuing his passion, he created the famous Union Chair in amaranth and maple, which was awarded a prize and published in the renowned International Design Competition Review magazine. Back in Switzerland, in 1989 he joined the family business and developed the technique of illuminated wood that earned him an international reputation. His role within Dupin 1820: management of major works and projects, interior design, decoration and marketing.

Each interior space is different and unique. Our primary motivation is to create an interior that perfectly fits the desires and dreams of our client. When I hand over the keys of his house to a client, I feel both pride and a tug of the heartstrings at the same time.

Pascal Luthy, Interior artist

Stéphane Luthy

An ETS architect, Stephane Luthy completed his academic training through further studies at University of California and Parson School of Design in New York. He started his career with a number of architectural studios in New York and Geneva, before joining Dupin 1820 in 1990. Under his leadership, Dupin 1820 opened its Interior Design department and continues to grow, especially internationally. A member of various professional associations, President of AGDI (Geneva Interior decorators and quilters association), Stéphane Luthy is highly active in asserting the interests of the profession and in the training of interior designers. He also manages the companies of the group at the administrative and purchasing level.

We are the last in Europe to conceive and design the project entirely, and then to realise it completely thanks to all our partners. We export our know-how across the world…

Stéphane Luthy, Interior artist