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  • The creation of fabrics with exclusive materials, combining a mixture of mineral and textile materials and texturing effects on marble allows us to give birth to absolutely unique patterns, which will be integrated in the decoration of the architectural project.
    Subsequently, layering allows us to insert one material in another, to play with patterns, to combine shades or to apply finishing glazes. Stencil techniques permit an almost limitless variety of texts, frescoes and any other shape imaginable. Finally, there is light, which sublimates these new surfaces depending on whether the source is positioned in front of or behind the material.

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  • Creators of Materials

    In line with our ambitions, in the service of art and through constant research, we participate in the creation of materials.
    3000-year-old wood, millions of years old petrified wood, illuminated wood thanks to a technique invented and patented by the Maison Dupin, leathers and rock powders (in particular, marble, gypsum and quartz) are all “new” materials at the service of Dupin 1820’s creativity.