Dupin 1820, an International Brand

Historically, Dupin 1820’s renown goes beyond the borders of the canton. Through Dupin 1820, Geneva’s know-how is exported to Europe, the Middle East and even Asia.
Ambition, creativity, methods and expertise remain the same, and the good news is that Dupin 1820 teams settle on site, over months where necessary, to realise unique projects in their entirety.
Dupin 1820 proclaims loudly and clearly Geneva-made quality, a label sought-after around the world thanks to its eye for detail.
Browse the world map illustrating the adaptability of Dupin 1820 in respecting the requirements of its clients.

We are the last in Europe to create and design the project entirely, and then to realise it completely thanks to all our partners. We export our know-how across the world…

Stéphane Luthy, Interior artist